I have presented Chinese Brush Painting demonstrations for the following organizations:


Garvan Woodland Gardens

Brush Strokes Art League, Hot Springs Village

Fine Arts Center, Hot Springs

Traditional Arts League, Hot Springs

Mountain Valley Spring Water Company, Hot Springs - Artist's Exhibit

San Gorgonio California Art League

Village Art Club


Demonstrations can last for 45 minutes to two hours and include a brief history of Chinese Brush Painting, explanation of the medium and art supplies, demonstration of "the four gentlemen" of Chinese Brush Painting and if time allows, a demonstration of mounting a painting with the wet paste technique.


I am available to demonstrate Chinese Brush Painting for clubs and organizations.




Chinese Brush Painting Classes


I have taught Chinese Brush Classes for Brush Strokes Art League and the National Parks Community College, and privately.


Currently I teach beginning and intermediate Chinese Brush Painting.


Beginning Classes are limited to 4 students that for approximately 5 morning session to learn the basics of this exciting yet challenging medium. New students learn ink painting and color, and practice brush strokes on bamboo, grass orchid and plum blossom subjects.  When this class is completed they are ready to join the intermediate class.


Intermediate Classes are limited to 10 students. The classes meet once a month on Monday.  This class is open to all students who know the basic brush strokes and includes florals, landscape, and mounting techniques


Please contact me at 501 922 3768 if you are interested in taking a class.





‘The Hsieh I (Depicting Idea in Chinese) painting style is one of the most dynamic forms of art.  Spontaneity, freedom, and honesty are the most important principles.  The painting is done without a sketch and the brush movement is completed in a simple, powerful and speedy way.  The artist is allowed no time to think, no chance to pretend, no room to hide, and no way to correct.  The painting becomes a direct extension of the artist’s mentality; it reveals the personality and experience of the artist in the most earnest way.


~ Ning Yeh, Ph.D, An Album of Chinese Brush Painting

By Linda Shearer

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